Northern Artist Diana Terry

artist Diana Terry

Following an educational career spanning three decades as an arts teacher, Diana Terry is now devoted to exploring her own creativity at her studio in Mossley. Her inspired and deeply …

Artist Liz Ackerley

Artist Liz Ackerley sitting on a leather red Chesterfield at her studio in Mossley

Mossley based illustrative artist Liz Ackerley originally carved out a career as a research scientist but her penchant for the arts lead her to re-train during the late 90’s so …

Saying It With Colour

closeup red wine glass

We have strong emotions attached to colour like we do with music and can use that knowledge in photography to deliberately stir an emotion and enhance a message we are trying to convey.

Artist Alyson Leach

portrait of Northern artist Alyson Leach

Portrait of Northern Artist Alyson Leach for my project about artists and their tools.

Artist Susan Aggarwal

Portrait artist Susan Aggarwal

Susan Aggarwal’s painting are a passionate expression of her inner self and a reflection of life’s emotions, she allows the colours and textures of nature to influence the flow of …

Photographer Artist John Kiely

Portrait of photographer John Kiely

For over 35 years John has been at the heart of the photographic education system, teaching degree level photography accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University. A keen practitioner of historical photographic …

Cliff Murphy Artist

Profile portrait of artist Cliff Murphy holding a Maulstick

Oldham based artist Cliff Murphy has spent a lifetime painting the urban landscape of his hometown and the surrounding areas, creating images that reflect on nostalgic times of the ordinary …

Are you congruent with your brand?

collection of fun primary school staff portraits.

Talk to any marketing person and they will tell you brand image is that which is perceived by the consumer, it is a set of beliefs held about a specific …