Are you congruent with your brand?

collection of fun primary school staff portraits.

Talk to any marketing person and they will tell you brand image is that which is perceived by the consumer, it is a set of beliefs held about a specific brand.   It’s value is derived from all sources associated with the brand and is based on the subjective perceptions accumulated by a consumer. 

In much the same way it could be said that as individuals we also create our own brand image, the way we represent ourselves, consciously or subconsciously to the outside world builds a subjective perception in the minds with whom we associate.

Marketeers spend a lot of time, money and resources building a brand image, identifying how products and service are to be perceived and build campaigns to entrench those values.

It may not be obvious but the brand image of a company extends beyond that of its marketing efforts, outward facing employees have a responsibility maintaining the brand image, not only in their behaviour in public which can easily hurt your brand but also their visual appearance in literature, website and other associated material representing the company.  

Until such time we are in George Orwell’s dystopian superstate, ’Nineteen Eighty Four’, we must avoid branding employees like lemmings but it would also be disadvantageous to rely on sub par images which are incongruous to the brand image.  As the saying goes ‘first impressions last’ therefore it is important to give careful consideration to the public facing image of any employee. 

A simple profile image used for PR or company staff listing should be meticulously constructed, considerations of environmental relevance, clothing, props, lighting, stance, etc. will create a narrative that will either support or contradict the brand image.

It is human nature to be attracted to other people, we are most easily influenced by the people we associate with on a daily basis and therefore it would be wise to ensure that any public facing employee should be photographed professionally to ensure the congruency with the brand image.

If you would like to ensure you or your employees public profiles convey the right message get in touch and we can discuss the best approach to compliment your brand image.