Artist Susan Aggarwal

Portrait artist Susan Aggarwal

Susan Aggarwal’s painting are a passionate expression of her inner self and a reflection of life’s emotions, she allows the colours and textures of nature to influence the flow of colour across her canvas.

A northern lass of Mancunian heritage she developed a passion for art during her teenage years whilst studying art foundation at Sheena Simon College and later went on to graduate in Textile Design at Huddersfield University.  Her career as an art teacher saw her recognise the ease with which her young students were able to fluently express their feelings and realised the importance of art as a tool for mental wellbeing and an aid to healing suffering, pain and anxiety.

Susan primarily paints with acrylics using sponges and knifes preferring the medium because of its versatility and vibrant colours. Recent ventures have seen her work diversify into textile design and interior decor by developing a range of decorative furniture items which she hopes to expand into a bespoke collection.   

Susan regularly opens her gallery to the public at Woodend studio and also exhibits with Comm Ca Arts.  You can also see more of Susan’s work at her website