How to get more customers into your showroom

When you have a beautiful showroom full of products, you really want to have it filled with eager customers experiencing what you have to offer, it not only moves them one step closer to purchasing but also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate and personalise your products to turn them into long term clients.

This video project is for a boutique tile showroom which has an extensive gallery over several floors and is to be used on their website and social media to entice customers to visit. 

The basis of this video created for Tile by Tile in Altrincham, Manchester was to provide enough of a glimpse of the products and showroom and provide a sense of the enormous collections on display and to encourage customers to come and visit the shop.

The advantage of a short teaser video is it gives a speedy impression of the essence of what you do and can persuade customers into letting you help them achieve their dreams.

A video walkthrough of your showroom is the perfect medium to encourage customers to come and visit, you don’t reveal too much but just enough to entice curiosity and show that their journey to your showroom will be worth their while.

Video content has been shown to increase website ranking which further enhances the likelihood of you being selected as a go to supplier.

The storyline was simple, create an aesthetic walkthrough starting from the front door showing the breadth of the displays and exclusive products and follow the journey up through several floors of the building.

We started with the customers perspective entering the shop and experience the ground floor displays revealing the array of tile galleries then move through the different levels of the showrooms with a synopsis of each floor which is occasionally intercut with closeups of exclusive product details that breakup what could have been a monotonous series of panorama’s of each room.

To keep a connection with the viewer there are momentary clips of customers and physical gestures demonstrating products, adding this human element within a video is a great way to make a connection and hold the attention.

The length of the video  is just long enough to hold curiosity and show the extent of the showroom.

As well as encouraging customers into your showroom a video is also working for you 24 hours a day, its a simple way of staying open when you’re closed

The key to an enticing video is not to giveaway everything but show just enough to arouse curiosity.  Trying to do it yourself can have a certain amateur vibe and can also be nauseating if not done right.

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