Northern Artist Robert Lees

Oldham based artist Robert Lees is a well known figure in the circles of northern artists and has been painting in and around his hometown of Royton for nearly 50 years.

He trained as a mechanical design engineer and ran a successful consultancy business for over twenty years before retiring to indulge in his passion for painting.

His serene paintings are clearly influenced by classic impressionist artists and depict the rich and beautiful tapestry of hills, valleys, lakes and canals in the surrounding areas of Saddleworth and Oldham, he has developed his own Robert Lees style and his paintings are abundant in lavish detail and delicately illustrated to show the interplay of light and ambiance in nature.

A self taught artist Robert recalls he first developed his passion for painting after a family holiday to Cornwall where he’d taken a photograph and then used it as an idea for a painting , it was well received by family and friends and it spurred him on to continue with his new found art.

Over the years Robert has had many exhibitions, in the early years they were mostly in his local pub and he’d do well selling many of the paintings.  Over the years he has done many exhibitions in prestigious galleries both as a solo show and joint exhibitions with fellow artists.

Robert is currently working towards a new solo exhibition in 2023 at Gallery Oldham which will be exhibited throughout April and May, works will include existing painting and a new series for the exhibition.

Aside from his painting Robert has a passion for gardening and his home studio is surrounded by organic vegetable plots blooming with fruit and vegetables creating a peaceful and tranquil meditative environment to work in. 

To see more of Roberts work visit his website at

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