Photographer Artist John Kiely

Portrait of photographer John Kiely

For over 35 years John has been at the heart of the photographic education system, teaching degree level photography accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University.

A keen practitioner of historical photographic processes, he developed a passion for Wet Collodian, Cyanotypes, Ambrotypes and others from his time teaching at UCEN.

Recently retired he is now pursuing his long time interest of ritualistic landscape photography exploring the interaction man has with the environment. Influenced by photographers such as John Blakemore, Thomas Joshua Cooper he has exhibited extensively and published many books including:

‘A Lakeland Portfolio’
‘Forest Nation’
‘Echoes of Ritual’
‘Without Concept’
‘In a Rut’

John is currently working on two books, Cwm Orthin, a slate mining valley in Wales and a second exploring the coastal region of the Algarve.

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