Photography that reflects your brand values

display of gold capped trigger sprays

Are you a business that is passionate about the products it creates?  

Do your designs and innovations make your products a cut above the rest in your marketplace? 

Does your imagery portray your passion and innovation and reflect the quality and values to your prospective clients?

I was commissioned by GOP, a company that innovates and manufactures spray triggers, to create a series of photographs that would be used throughout their corporate brochure and website. The photographs needed to reflect the experience of the in-house research and design teams and the pride they have in using high quality materials for production and the innovative design strategies to produce the perfect spray patterns.

The shoot consisted of a series of location images at the design studios, head office and distribution centres, and some still life images shot in a studio of the products, all of which needed to reflect the values of GOP.

There are many things to consider when shooting in a live production environment and it’s not always possible to shutdown production for photography.  We had to coordinate between shift schedules and deliveries for the distribution centre and arrange for staff to help manoeuvre pallets of products for positioning and manage health & safety issues at the same time.  

If you are considering refreshing your corporate images and need some advice or would like to brainstorm ideas I am happy to share my experience and knowledge to help your ideas come to life.  

These are just a few of the images produced for the shoot.

Product design studio for innovative triggers sprays
Ergonomic design and branding for GOP trigger sprays
black embossed trigger spray closeup
forklift truck loading pallets onto lorry
warehouse distribution centre